London Boroughs Faiths Network is an informal network of practitioners which brings together the local public sector and local religious and community groups.  We meet up around four times a year.  Find out more.

View from the London Eye (from http://www.richard-seaman.com)

What would you like to find here?  What would you like to contribute?

  • Upcoming faith-public sector events?  London’s busy.
  • Job vacancies/internships/work experience opportunities?
  • Links to blogs, organisations, twitter, groups, people, Facebook, resources?
  • Recommendations – caterers, religious literacy, venues, publications?
  • Media links, reviews, clips?
  • Government policy updates?  What’s in the pipeline at local level?
  • Debate?  Big Society?  Faith and public policy?

The blog is currently written by LBFN’s convener, but it is set up to include more than one author.  LBFN members are more than welcome to add posts – please get in touch.

Looking forward to our next meeting on 7th October, but in the meantime, sign up (top right) for an email subscription – the easiest way to keep in touch.

Say hello, leave a comment, and add your news, recommendations, upcoming events or questions below.

Over to you . . .

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