Multi-faith spaces

Are there any multi-faith spaces (quiet rooms, prayer rooms) in your part of London?  Airports, hospitals, offices, prisons, colleges, workplace facilities?

They used to be windowless, cramped, drab and hard to find, but things have improved – St Ethelburga’s Tent, for a start.

Dr Chris Hewson (University of Manchester) wants people to contact him.  He’s doing some research on the significance of these spaces – digging deeper than just Equality & Diversity box-ticking, looking at motivation, syncretism, etc.

. . . many observers perceive MFS as tangible manifestations of
tolerance and pluralism, arguing that they represent an appropriate
course of collective action within a socio-religious landscape
characterised by (potentially dangerous) undercurrents of
fragmentation. However, issues also arise as to whether these spaces
are being created just to attract ‘customers’ – for example, to an
airport, shopping centre or university – or are used merely to promote
narrow social and/or political agendas.

Chris wants to

Tent at St Ethelburga’s (photo by Douglas Fry)

  1. Locate a wide range of multi-faith spaces to visit and survey.
  2. Speak with individuals who are (or have been) involved in their design and management.
  3. Locate and evaluate key documents and materials.

If you think you could help, email him on  Check the project’s webpage for more info.

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