Renegotiating “value”

First in a series of innovative events from FiLE (Faiths in London’s Economy) on Renegotiating “value” – what faiths offer 21st century leadership:

‘Profit vs Prophet’ – making money and making a difference, are they opposed? With Jay Lkahani, Abigail Morris & Mannie Sher.

Thursday 7th October, 4-6.30pm at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AG.

Details & discussion on the Renegotiating Value blog and registration (£5) via St Ethelburga’s.  Next in the series is ‘Bono vs Pro Bono’ on 4th November.

Jonathan Evens of FiLE will be at our LBFN meeting (also on 7th October, but in the morning) and will be telling us more about the series.

2 thoughts on “Renegotiating “value”

  1. Looking forward to being at the next LBFN meeting. ‘Renegotiating ‘value’: what faiths offer 21st century business leadership’ seminar series is seeking to explore the benefit and challenge of faith traditions in leading sustainable businesses. The first seminar exploring whether making money and making a difference are opposed. One of the initial posts on the Renegotiating ‘value’ blog explores this issue in terms of shared faiths responses to the credit crunch. Another introduces the ‘L’Chaim : To Life’ project which is being run by Responseability, the new cross communal organisation which is providing a contemporary Jewish commentary on cutting edge issues and whose Director, Abigail Morris, is one of our speakers at the ‘Profit vs Prophet’ seminar.

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