Faiths Forum for London / Mayor’s Initiative post

Faiths Forum for London, which launched in March this year, is inviting applications for a post which combines FFL work with the Mayor’s Initiative, which aims to promote social action.

The Faiths Forum for London has been developed to reflect the capital’s rich diversity of faith traditions. FFL has embarked to bring together regional organisations and groups from the nine major faith communities, local interfaith and multi-faith groups and faith based organisations to foster engagement with public sector agencies.

The FFL provides a means of contact and channel of communication between London government bodies and faith communities; provides an additional channel between London’s faith groups and thereby support inter-faith relations; shares good practice; endeavours to be a centre of research on regional policy; and facilitates the development of social policy expertise, networks and civic engagement.

The Mayor’s Initiative is aiming to promote social action within London, and enable more recruitment of volunteers to the projects and programmes in this sector. This will facilitate the maximum impact that organisations and groups working in such space can have.  The first-stage delivery of this aim will be through a major Forum to bring people in the sector together, along with faith communities to discuss how efficiency and greater recruitment of volunteers can be achieved. The scope for greater collaborative efforts in this space will also be a main theme.

Simultaneously, we will develop Initiative strands which will be set up to achieve targeted outcomes in key sectors/areas e.g. arts, music. We will present separate workplans for what we seek to do in these areas, but for now, the idea is that key champions will seek to achieve a more creative, and resource-efficient approach to delivery in these strands, with a particular emphasis on the participation of London’s excluded youth population and its faith communities.

See the full description here – FFL-Mayor`s Initiative Director job ad Sept 2010

The only problem is the deadline, which is today at 5.30pm!  FFL has indicated that there is some flexibility and suggested that anyone interested in applying should contact FFL at asap.

Copies of the job description were available at last Thursday’s LBFN meeting (I had been sent a copy the night before), but I hadn’t realised the deadline was quite so soon.

FFL now has a website which I will add to the London page of this blog.

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