Irish travellers – policy changes

Irish Travellers Movement in Britain

A conference in London on 19th November is being organised by the Irish Travellers Movement in Britain for local authority and other public sector employees who work with Travellers to get up to speed with the latest government policy – as well as for the community itself.  There’s an excellent line-up of speakers and workshops.

What are the implications of the abolition of regional spatial strategies?

What does the big society and localism
mean for Travellers?

How can we more effectively engage with Europe in gaining recognition of our rights?

How are the Traveller communities being included within education and training schemes and the labour market?

How can Travellers challenge the discrimination they face using human rights?

Are the faces of the Irish Traveller communities changing?

These are just some of the issues which we will be exploring at this year’s conference.

The conference isn’t free, but prices aren’t OTT either and there are some free tickets for Travellers.  They are encouraging early booking.

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