Faiths Forum for London launches website

Faiths Forum for London’s website has gone live, with a description of what it will be doing and some useful contact information, too.  LBFN brings together local faith-public sector practitioners across the London boroughs and we look forward to working closely with FFL in its complementary role.

“The Faiths Forum for London (FFL) has been developed to reflect the capital’s rich diversity of faith traditions.  It was established to bring together regional organizations and groups from the nine major faith communities in the capital, local interfaith and multi-faith groups and faith based organizations,  and to help foster engagement with public sector agencies.

The Faiths Forum for London provides a means of contact and channel of communication between London government bodies and faith communities; it facilitates the sharing of good practice between London’s Faith Groups; supports research on regional policy from the perspective of faith communities; and facilitates the development of social policy expertise and  networks.

FFL is a member of English Regional Faiths Forum Network and works in close co-operation with the Mayor’s Inter-Faith Initiative.  The nine faith communities represented on the Forum are from London’s Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i, Jain and Zoroastrian communities.”

Regional faith forums have been started up across England & Wales over the last decade and some of us at LBFN have been around since the initial consultations, some years ago, for a London one – yes, you remember all those discussions and flipcharts :)

FFL was launched on March 15th this year at Westminster Central Hall.  The Forum is supported by the London Development Agency, has a council of 27 faith representatives from the nine main religions (see above) and is chaired by two people:

FFL is working closely with the Mayor’s Interfaith Initiative which was launched on 26th November at City Hall.  Francis Davis has been appointed Director of both FFL and the Mayor’s Interfaith Initiative.  Francis is a fellow of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University, and director of the Las Casas Institute.  Until recently he has been an advisor at the Department of Communities and Local Government.

A London-wide Summit is being planned for 8th February to which LBFN members will be invited.  More information about both will be available soon I expect, but in the meantime, please contact FFL direct if you would like an invitation.

You can contact FFL by email, on 020-7922 7971 and at 32-36 Loman Street, London, SE1 0EH.  You can also follow the Forum on Twitter

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