The Big Questions TV show in Peckham – invitation

The Big Questions - BBC1 Sunday 10-11am

Short notice, but –

Moral and ethical debate on live TV?  Like to take part?

LBFN members are invited to The Big Questions which is being broadcast from Peckham this coming Sunday morning – 9th January 10-11am.

Three topics are discussed on each programme, with a panel of three or four and others who have personal experience of the issues.

The Big Questions is the BBC’s flagship ethical and moral debate programme.

It is hosted by the experienced television and radio presenter Nicky Campbell, and airs live on Sunday mornings from locations all around the country.

The show addresses tricky moral questions facing the nation today, consulting panellists, front row experts and a select studio audience. Beliefs, informed opinions and personal stories are all aired during three lively debates.

As an audience member, you may even get the chance to contribute to the discussions yourself, although due to the number of people in the audience we can’t guarantee this.

If you’d like to be part of the audience, contact Gill Brown (or by telephone 0141-422 6237) asap for details and a ticket – she will need a contact telephone number from you.

Gill is happy for you to pass this invitation on to others in your communities who may be interested – the series moves around the country and they particularly like local audiences.

See you there!


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