March meeting: 2012 and the Open University

Dr Haider Ali has kindly arranged for LBFN to meet at the OU in London next week on 23rd March (details from LBFN’s Convener).  Dr Ali attended our January meeting to tell us about some research he is involved in.  We’ll be able to ask more about it next Wednesday, but here’s an introduction –

The Open University is currently submitting a research proposal looking at the involvement of faith leaders in health initiatives. If any organisations are interested in taking part, we’d be most interested in hearing from you. The research project will not just be about gathering information, but also delivering (free) competence enhancing training to participants. Contact

The deadline for adding an event to the Mayor’s 2012 Cultural Olympiad is 31st March.  LBFN is registered, so if anyone would like to use this umbrella to publicise their own local event in 2012, please come along.

A follow-up meeting about forming a network of grassroots intercultural groups across Europe will take place in Brussels this Thursday.  LBFN’s Convener is attending and will be reporting back next week.  There is a possibility of a November gathering in Brussels to bring practitioners together from different European countries to share experience and ideas, much as we do at LBFN.  Just get in touch if you’d like to know more.

As ever, let the Convener know if you’re planning to attend on 23rd March.

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