Olympic Truce

21 September: Peace One Day

I’ve been asking around to see who else might be interested in partnering us on a London Truce during the 2012 Games.  LBFN members work with our local public agencies, so there are plenty of possibilities – knife amnesties (police), a halt to domestic violence (Community Safety), anti-bullying campaigns (schools, workplaces), challenging post-code violence (youth services), peaceful public transport (TfL).  I’m sure you have plenty of ideas, too.

Peace One Day is starting a countdown to the 2012 Peace Day on 21st September this year.

“So, we have decided to officially launch the 365-day countdown to the Global Truce at our first concert in conjunction with the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad at the O2 Arena London on Peace Day 21 September 2011.

Representatives from all sectors of society will be present at this show, and their commitment to the Global Truce announced on the night.”

Sounds good – let’s talk more on Tuesday.

Do you know others who are interested?  I’ve heard the Bishop of London is, so I’ll make contact.  People from other denominations and religious traditions?  Leave a comment here or let me know.

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