Mixed faith marriage & parenting 22-24 June

Child of a mixed faith marriage?  Married to someone from a different religious tradition?  Know someone who is?

Channel 4 has written to London Boroughs Faiths Network, asking if anyone might be interested in taking part in their 4thought series.  They write:

If you are not familiar with the series: 4thought.tv is a series of short programmes that transmits on Channel 4 everyday directly after the evening news. Each programme is approximately two minutes long and features one person speaking directly to camera. Each week is linked by an underlying theme related to a moral or ethical debate, an important anniversary or a news story.

The current week of programmes I am putting together will be focusing on mixed faith / interfaith marriages and specifically exploring raising children in a mixed faith environment.

I’m keen to hear the thoughts on this subject from people with experience in interfaith marriages, or from those couples in one of which converted to share their thoughts on whether or not it is more difficult to raise children within a mixed faith family or, if child from a mixed faith marriage feels they have benefited or been let down by being raised within this environment. 

Do you think anyone from the London Boroughs Faiths Network might be able to help me get in touch with couples who would like to chat to me about this week of programmes?

4thought.tv will be filming in London next week.  Have a look at the website – previous contributors include Cristina Odone, Omid Djalili, Rishipal Singh and Christina Rees.

We’re hoping to film these interviews next week from 22nd – 24th June and possibly the week after, dates TBC.

We film in a central location in London, we’d need an hour of the person’s time on one of the days for a short informal interview and we will cover travel expenses.

Contact the assistant producer or LBFN’s convener if you’re interested – or know someone who might be.

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