BTP’s draft Religious Guidance

British Transport Police (who police the Underground, DLR and national railways) have drafted a brief guide to five religious traditions in relation to

•  stop and search
•  police custody
•  visiting homes & places of worship
•  when someone dies

LBFN members are familiar with this approach – a quick, easy-to-navigate reference guide for public sector employees with little knowledge or experience of the many religious traditions found in London.

Our discussions in the past have highlighted the need for police officers, council and NHS staff to gain a deeper understanding by building relationships locally with a wide range of religious communities – to whom they can turn for guidance should the need arise.

Officers from BTP’s Neighbourhood Policing and Partnership Unit regularly attend LBFN meetings and have welcomed us to their Camden HQ.  They have asked us for feedback on the draft BTP Religious Guidance before they place it on BTP’s internal website for use by officers and staff.

What do you think of the guide? 

Could it be improved?

I am happy to receive general comments and suggested amendments by email.  If you’d prefer to telephone through your comments, please give me a ring.  If you would like to bring your ideas to our next meeting on the morning of 14th September (details from the Convener), please do so.

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