Meeting at European Parliament

Some of us will be in Brussels next Tuesday and Wednesday.

This event is the first public seminar organised by ENORB, a new European network combating discrimination and prejudice and promoting mutual understanding and harmony in the field of Religion and Belief.

As you know, LBFN has been one of the networks which has been involved in creating ENORB from the start.   We hope it will provide a good way for practitioners across Europe to be in touch, just as we do in LBFN across London.  The new network includes both religious/multifaith groups and also humanist and philosophical organisations, all working together to promote understanding, to combat discrimination and to play a part in EU policy.

LBFN has a couple of minutes to say something about “Legitimate disagreement: moving from anger/violence towards dialogue and positive action?” at the EU Parliament.  Please let me know if you would like me to mention something in particular.  I am planning to say a few words about the aftermath of the London bombs in 2005, but I could include other examples, too.

There will be a morning of workshops the following day.  Let me know your views on what the priorities for the new network should be for the coming year.

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