Olympic Truce: invitation to the Imperial War Museum on 6th June at 10am

The Imperial War Museum launched its Build The Truce audio-visual display in London yesterday.  The Museum is interested in the many different ways we look at the items on display, depending on who we are.

LBFN is making a special visit to the Museum on Wednesday 6th June at 10am.  We are delighted that

  • Lord Michael Bates, who walked from Greece to London promoting the Olympic Truce as he passed through historic sites of conflict in Europe and

have accepted our invitation to speak about the Olympic Truce.

We are invited to watch the 10 minute show and to hear from the curators, IWM’s Catherine Roberts and Dr Tim Jacoby of the Humanitarian & Conflict Response Institute at Manchester University.  The new interactive display looks at the concepts of truce, conflict and resolution and how they are relevant to us in the twenty-first century.

The leaders of the “twinned” projects between LBFN members in London and local communities in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Jamaica will share some news and we will hear from others who are involved in peace-building activities as part of the Olympic Truce.

We will be able to talk to Catherine and Tim and share our thoughts on conflict – on Bosnia, Afghanistan, WWI, Northern Ireland, WWII or any other serious conflict.  The role of local communities in reconciliation is of interest to all of us.

Both the Imperial War Museum and LBFN have been awarded the Truce Inspire mark by London 2012.

Please contact LBFN if you would like an invitation to this special event.

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