Make a difference this summer – be inspired by the Olympic Truce

The new London Peace Network brings together a huge range of peace-building activities in London this summer under the Olympic Truce. It has been awarded London 2012’s Truce Inspire Mark.

Find peace-building activities and events across London this summer on the new London Peace Network site – co-ordinated by LBFN and bringing together a wide range of groups and public sector organisations which are promoting the Olympic Truce.

Send me details of your local events and activities and they will be added.

Check the details for your borough and/or faith forum and send your updates, photos, video clips and links.

Subscribe to the new site, as many of you do to this site, if you’d like news to come to you by email.

Add your own thoughts to the suggestions already posted at

There are four ‘twinned’ projects between LBFN members and local multifaith groups overseas (we are working with the Foreign Office on these) and lots of other events being held by local faith forums over the summer – check the site for details and add your own.

Feedback is always welcome – how can we improve the site?

There’s also a new Facebook group for the Olympic Truce – it has hundreds of members already (launched today) so don’t forget to check it out if you’re a Facebook user!

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