Multifaith spaces in London hospitals, prisons, airports, colleges & universities

Helen Sanderson of Quiet Room Designs, Rabbi Markus Lange of Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead and Imam Yunus Dudhwala, Head of Chaplaincy at Barts Health NHS Trust.

The latest newsletter from Manchester University’s Architecture Research Centre is published today.

It includes a short account of the Multi Faith Spaces Exhibition’s visit to London, hosted by LBFN at St Alphege, Southwark.

The seminars organised alongside the exhibition were well attended and very worthwhile, bringing practitioners together from across the capital.  Detailed discussion on the intricacies of design and management were made possible by the tight focus on shared space.

LBFN will be holding a follow-up event for practitioners in 2013.  Let us know what you would like included – workshop topics, speakers, practical sessions, theological bases?

The Multi Faith Spaces project welcomes further input, evidence, ideas and suggestions for the research which finishes later this year.  Email Dr Chris Hewson, who spoke at the opening event.

Download the newsletter here.

1 thought on “Multifaith spaces in London hospitals, prisons, airports, colleges & universities

  1. It was great to see the exhibition come to London and thank you LBFN for hosting such stimulating discussions with people who have a lot of experience to contribute.
    I still hold to my view that the realisation of each room is a living process, evolving from a vision held by the community it will serve and the decision makers….this is why I love this work, for me there is no template, more a response to people, their needs and to spirit of course!
    For those of you would would like to have access to Recovering the Calm – best practice guide please find it here

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