Networking across Europe? ENORB meets in Brussels 13-14 November

Are you interested in exchanges and visits with intercultural groups across Europe 2013-14?

The ENORB meeting next month (13-14 November) will be looking at proposals and ideas, so make sure yours are included!

LBFN will be leading this workshop – so let me know if you cannot attend but would like to explore exchange possibilities.

The main topic of the meeting is the economic crisis in Europe.  Excellent speakers with grassroots experience and economic expertise will lead a roundtable discussion.

The event is free (contributions towards meals welcome).  Register at Eventbrite to secure your place.  The last seminar was very popular, with an impressive turnout from London, so early booking is recommended.

Download the programme and invitation.  Eurostar is usually the cheapest way for individuals to travel to Brussels.  Simple accommodation at ICA (around €50) is first-come, first-served, so please let me know if you would like to book a room.

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