Post-Woolwich action

Many of us have been busy supporting each other and liaising with our local police, council and religious leaders.

Events to bring people together have taken place and more are planned.  Mosques and churches led prayers for peace on Friday and today, supported by prayers from different religious traditions. Informal support, including simple messages and visits, have been appreciated by many.

Here is a short list of helpful contacts:

  1. Tell MAMA, the public service for measuring and monitoring anti-Muslim attacks, has recorded a surge in hate incidents since Wednesday.  Telephone Tell MAMA on 0800 456 1226; SMS: 0115 707 00 07; Twitter: @tellmamauk; E-mail:; Facebook: tellmamauk.  Tell MAMA does not replace reporting matters to the police.
  2. In emergency, always dial 999.  For less urgent reporting to the police, dial 101.  Find contacts for your local police service here.
  3. There may be a hate crime forum in your borough, run in cooperation with the police and the council.  Find your local council here.  Your local faith forum is listed on the same page.
  4. Statement on Violence, Hatred, Mistreatment of Minorities and Terrorist Attacks from the Christian Muslim Forum.  The Forum’s statement on the murder in Woolwich offers support to those who wish to support their local mosque.
  5.  Advice for mosques and British Muslims from the Muslim Council of Britain.

Please let me know if you come across other helpful contacts or material and I will pass them on.

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