Hackney – Community Conversations

Hackney ahoy!  Hackney CC

If you live or work in Hackney, join the Christian Muslim Forum & LBFN friends on Monday 9 June 12.30pm – 3pm at Hackney CVS, Springfield House, 5 Tyssen St, E8 2LY, for Community Conversations.  Download the flyer here.  We’ll be

  • opening up conversations, beginning with gentle relationship-building questions but moving on to key local issues
  • listening to voices of marginalised communities (and sharing stories on websites and social media)
  • supporting engagement between local Christians, Muslims & people from different traditions
  • creating opportunities for local Christians, Muslims & others to meet (where these are not already taking place), especially in ongoing groups/pairings
  • where appropriate, developing social confidence and conversational skills

Hackney CVS is providing a lovely place for us to meet and will be joining in our conversations, as will Sonia Khan, Head of Policy at Hackney Council.  Julian Bond, Director of the Christian Muslim Forum, will be facilitating the afternoon.

It’s a good opportunity to link up across the borough in a relaxed and enjoyable way.  Please pass on this invitation to anyone you know in Hackney who would be interested.

Light refreshments will be available at 12.30pm and the conversations will kick off after that, ending at 3pm.  The event is free of charge, but please let LBFN or CMF know by Thursday 5 June if you’re hoping to join us.

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