General Election 2015: local hustings guide

polling stationThinking of running hustings in the run-up to the election?  Download our handy Hustings Guide and find full details in the Electoral Commission’s booklet.

Find tips and useful ideas to ensure the smooth running of your event: legal guidelines, inviting candidates, encouraging questions from local people and communities, choosing a venue, appointing a chair, timing, format and how to organise questions and ensure candidates have time to respond.

Local hustings provide an invaluable space for local people from different traditions and backgrounds to come together, to raise issues that matter and to engage with the democratic process.

Faiths Together in Lambeth is holding local hustings for the borough’s three constituencies in an Islamic centre, a church and a synagogue on 21, 22 & 23 Aprildownload the flyer here.  Hounslow Methodist Church held a Faith in Politics event last year and invited members of Hounslow Friends of Faith.

The date of the General Election is Thursday 7 May.  No-one can vote unless their name is on the Electoral Register.  The deadline for registering to vote is Monday 20 April and this can be done online at

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Related to this topic, the World Congress of Faiths is holding an event To Vote or Not to Vote? with West Central Liberal Synagogue, 21 Maple Street, W1T 4BE on Thursday 19 March 6.30-8.30pm, looking at what three major world faiths – the Baha’í faith, Buddhism and Islam – teach about Civic Responsibility.  Download further information here.

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