Sadaqa Day 22 March

sadaqadaySadaqa Day (a new national day of multifaith social action) was launched this evening and will take place this year on Sunday 22 March.

Groups of Muslims across the country will lead Sadaqa Day projects to benefit their local communities. Projects such as improving community space, planting flowers or trees, or arranging to visit people who are elderly, will be taking place.

“Sadaqa Day is a day of social action. A date in the calendar when individuals, mosques and other places of worship, schools, women’s and community groups, scouts and guides groups – everyone – can get involved.

The word Sadaqa is often spoken about as the charitable giving of money, but Sadaqa is so much more. It is every deed, every act of giving, it is each movement in our service to others. This is what the Prophet Muhammad؃ meant when he taught, “Even a smile is charity”.

Across many faiths, in every school, and in all good homes, we are taught about doing our bit, making our own contribution, playing our part in giving to others and in making the world a slightly better place. Acting in genuine service for others. And that is what Sadaqa Day is all about.”

In Camden, volunteers from Hampstead Synagogue, Regent’s Park Mosque and the Royal Free Hospital are collecting food together from two local supermarkets to donate to the local foodbank.  Find more examples on Sadaqa Day’s Facebook page.

If you’d like to take part in Sadaqa Day or help organise a project in your borough, find further information here or contact founder Julie Siddiqi, who was with us at our last LBFN meeting.

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