The London Peace Network site has been carrying news and info about peace-building activities all summer.  There are plenty of info and links for local religious/intercultural groups and faith forums.

The Games are over, but the Peace Network continues!

Thank you everyone for initiating such a fantastic range of initiatives.  Our Network and activities are being communicated to Brazil for the Games in Rio 2016 and we are in touch with the UN on this, too.

The Peace Network is proud to have been awarded London 2012’s Truce Inspire mark!

There’s also an Olympic Truce Facebook page, with thousands of members – if you are on Facebook, have a look and join up now.

Our UK-Pakistan Minority-Majority Project (funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) will be taking place at the end of 2012.

See below for all the pre-Games information. ______________________________________________

On your marks, get set . . . go!

OK – time for a page devoted to the Olympic & Paralympic Games.  A confusion-free zone for LBFN people who’d like to get involved in 2012.

LBFN is working with the Home Office, Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, the Foreign Office and several multifaith and intercultural NGOs to see how together we can build trust, reduce violence and promote peace-making as part of the Olympic Truce (see below) during 2012 – and leave a lasting legacy of a Peace Network to build on the good work into 2013 and beyond.

We are in touch with the Imperial War Museum, which is launching its interactive Building The Truce display in May, which looks at the concepts of truce, conflict and resolution and how they are relevant to us in the twenty-first century.

Find out how the Local Leaders initiative can boost participation in 2012 activities here.

Changes to transport during the Games are detailed on Transport for London’s website (more links here).  There are now maps for each borough showing what’s likely to change during the Games.  Click on Transport Changes in London Boroughs and then choose your borough from the drop-down list.


Some LBFN members (hello Barnet Multi Faith Forum) are already sprinting ahead and South London Inter Faith Group has targeted July 14th-15th as a weekend for faith trails across the capital.  We’ve been discussing the Games at LBFN meetings for over two years, with LOCOG‘s Duncan Green kindly coming along to update us.  LBFN is a member of the London Organising Committee’s Faith Outreach Group.  Other faith-based organisations have joined LBFN meetings and some excellent ideas for action have emerged.  Oasis has launched 100 Days of Peace-making and there are several other ideas in the pipeline.  The Imperial War Museum is planning an audio-visual presentation in May.

Sites of Olympic & Paralympic events in the London area

2012 TIMELINE  (including other significant London events)

  • 2nd – 5th June                           Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  • 9th June                                    London Citizens peace rallies and events
  • 19th June                                 The Dalai Lama visits London
  • 14th-15th July                        Inter Faith Walks across London (support from SLIFG)
  • 21st July                                   Torch overnight in Waltham Forest
  • 22nd July                                  Torch overnight in Bexley
  • 23rd July                                  Torch overnight in Wandsworth
  • 24th July                                  Torch overnight in Ealing
  • 25th July                                  Torch overnight in Haringey
  • 26th July                                  Torch overnight in Westminster
  • 27th July – 12th August    OLYMPIC GAMES
  • 29th August – 9th Sept     PARALYMPIC GAMES
  • 17th – 23rd September         London Week of Peace (website is now updated)
  • 21st September                      International Day of Peace and Global Truce 2012 Peace One Day Concert in London with Elton John & Yusuf Islam

The 40th anniversary of the Munich 1972 tragedy will be marked during the Games.


The modern Games were founded on values that can be applied to society as a whole, as well as to sport itself.

Respect – fair play; knowing one’s own limits; and taking care of one’s health and the environment
Excellence – how to give the best of oneself, on the field of play or in life; taking part; and progressing according to one’s own objectives
Friendship – how, through sport, to understand each other despite any differences

The Paralympic values are based on the history of the Paralympic Games:

Courage * Determination * Inspiration * Equality


The original Greek Olympics included a truce – a halt to fighting – so that competitors could travel to the Games and back without being killed.  A resolution on an international truce during the London 2012 Games has been adopted by the United Nations.  See also Lord Bates’ walk below.

Since we are a London network, we’ve talked about a London Truce (which would complement national and international initiatives) and registered it on the Mayor’s Cultural Diary.  As LBFN members, we could work with our local public agencies and third sector organisations to make a significant impact on the life of our local communities.

We want to initiate or support activities which reduce violence, build trust and which help  all of us Londoners find non-violent solutions to the challenges we face.

Ideas so far include

  1. A knife amnesty, a focus on reducing postcode violence (with MPS & BTP)
  2. Call for a halt to domestic violence (with borough community safety units, hospitals, GPs)
  3. Anti-bullying campaigns (with schools, workplaces)
  4. A break from hate crime (with MPS & BTP)
  5. Challenging youth/post-code violence (with borough youth services)
  6. Peaceful public transport (with Transport for London)
  7. Intergenerational activities, the challenges facing London parents
  8. Skills for anger management, mediation, conflict resolution/transformation, round table discussions
  9. Local peace/prayer walks/trails
  10. Publicising safe spaces across London
  11. Exhibitions, stories, art, poetry and music of reconciliation, peace and understanding
  12. Interfaith cricket matches, which are always good fun

The promotion of practical opportunities to try out and learn new ways of dealing with conflict would raise the profile of the wide range of organisations which support this.

What happens when the violence stops?  What happens next?

What kind of problems are ‘solved’ by violence?  What else might we do instead?  If violent solutions are not an option, how do we find other ways to sort out our difficulties?


We will update everyone at LBFN meetings.  Please let LBFN know if you’d like to find out more.  Existing good work and new 2012 initiatives would have a higher profile and reach deeper into our communities if they were included under the Truce umbrella – this looks likely to be a well-stocked online resource.  Branding is something we need to think about, along with resources.

A new Inspire Mark for the Olympic Truce has been launched by LOCOG.

The Inspire programme wants to recognise existing or new projects that demonstrate the use of sport and/or culture to promote peace, conflict resolution and/or reconciliation.

Projects should build bridges within or between communities and encourage individuals or groups who might not normally do so to work together.

It’s hoped that there will be plenty of involvement by young people in these Truce projects.

Find more information about the truce strand of the Inspire mark here.

LBFN is also in touch with the Home Office, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport and the Peace Alliance and is discussing how LBFN’s ideas for the Olympic Truce can complement existing plans.

The Church of England’s Near Neighbours programme has started – it promotes interaction in multi-religious, inner-city communities throughout 2012 and beyond.  The Revd Tim Clapton is leading the work in several East London boroughs – Greenwich, Hackney, Islington, Lewisham, Newham, Redbridge, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

LBFN has been attending a group, led by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which is organising a high profile event to launch 100 Days of Peace (50 days either side of the Games) on Saturday, 9th June 2012 in Trafalgar Square (tbc – this date is problematic and solutions are being sought in order include people from all the world faiths).  The event and subsequent activities will challenge violent crime and its impact on young people.

LBFN is also supporting Peace One Day, which is working towards a global day of peace on 21st September, 2011.  They launched their student campaign with Jude Law and students from around the world recently.

The Bishop of London has spoken in the House of Lords in support of an Olympic Truce and is planning an event at St Paul’s Cathedral involving people from the nine main world religions.  Gary Streeter MP asked a question at Prime Minister Questions on 29th June and received a positive response.  Regent’s Park Mosque, East London Mosque and others have expressed a keen interest.  Lord Bates is walking from Olympia to London this year to draw attention to the UN resolution (which was adopted on 17th October) to implement the Olympic Truce.  This will cover the time of the Games and also a period of seven days before and after the Games.  Previous Truces have been adopted by the UN but not fully implemented.

Other ideas include offering hospitality for people coming from abroad, running sporting events locally (multifaith cricket?), live big-screen events for people who aren’t attending the Games in person (which is most of us), community festivals which reflect the values of the Olympics & Paralympics and iftar (Ramadan falls around 21st July – 20th August) and langar meals to which local people from different faith and philosophical traditions are invited.

Discussions have highlighted our concern that the people who usually get left out of the good things in London life will also get left out of the excitement and opportunities that the Games will offer.  We are all keen to see that this doesn’t happen and that our marginalised communities benefit from London 2012.

The importance of LBFN activities leaving a lasting legacy is important.  Nobody wants London to slide back to ‘normal’ after the Games are over.  A closing event would gather up all that has been learned, celebrate the activities that have taken place and ensure commitments are made for 2013 and beyond.

A peace umbrella for 2012 is one way forward, under which the activities of LBFN members (with partners from the public, community and private sectors) could be promoted.  This is making progress – any further ideas on this are very welcome.

Twinning peace-building activities here with those abroad is another 2012 opportunity.  The Foreign Office is interested in projects which fall under three themes:

  • local solutions to local problems
  • legitimate politics
  • building a 2012 truce legacy

We are discussing several twinned UK – London projects with the Foreign Office – in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.


London 2012 – official website

More Than Gold – an organisation helping churches make the most of 2012

Presenting Partners – nominations for people to carry the Olympic Flame are now closed.

The Peace Alliance – some boroughs may be holding a Peace Week in 2012.

Get Set is London 2012’s schools programme which is also promoting the values of the Olympic Truce –  there’s a good film on this site which introduces the Olympic Truce.

Torch in London – the Olympic Torch is being carried through all the London boroughs the week before the Games and ‘overnighting’ in six of them:

Saturday 21 July

Tower Hamlets
Waltham Forest (Evening celebration)

Sunday 22 July

Barking & Dagenham
Bexley (Evening celebration)

Monday 23 July

Wandsworth (Evening celebration)

Tuesday 24 July

Ealing (Evening celebration)

Wednesday 25 July

Haringey (Evening celebration)

Thursday 26 July

Kensington & Chelsea
Hammersmith & Fulham
Westminster (Evening celebration)

Friday 27 July

Olympic Stadium

Revd Nigel Stone is the Diocesan Olympics Adviser for the Anglican Diocese of Southwark and Elizabeth Harrison is the Olympic Mobiliser for the Anglican Diocese of London.  They both have lots of information and ideas for parish churches on how to get involved in London 2012.

Registering with London 2012’s Local Leaders is a good way to get information and resource packs (posters, quizes, gardening, BBQs, lining the streets, big screen events) for any local activities connected with the Games.


Although IFW is now over, we’ll keep the info up for a little while in case you’d like to contact the organisers.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

There’s plenty going on in London during Inter Faith Week 21-27 November – here is a selection, organised by date.  Regional events are listed on the Inter Faith Week website.

LBFN will be hosting a gathering on forming links with similar multifaith networks in continental Europe on Tuesday, 23rd November in central London – see below.

GAIC’s European Week of Muslim-Christian Meetings runs 18-28 November.

If you’d like to add an event to the list, leave a comment or contact


9.30am – 4.30pmBuilding Bridges Training for Women Part I[women only] (Part II is on 27th November) at Hindu Forum of Britian, Vascroft Estate, 861 Coronation Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7PT.  More info and registration from Ms Bharti Tailor

10.30am – 4pm Expressions of Faith with Hounslow Friends of Faith, supported by London Borough of Hounslow at Hounslow Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN.  A day to celebrate how people express their faith through music, arts and fashion.

Workshops including rangoli, Arabic boxes, Christmas cards, Palestinian embroidery, a cross in your pocket, Somali baskets, eco-fashion, darning & mending.  Enjoy a Nigerian Church Choir, a Gujerati gurba dance, a Nepalese performance, a Kathak dance from India, Sikh singing with tabla & a Somali fashion show accompanied by a Somali singer.  Young people are represented by Events4Youth with a display of jewellery and photography.


10am – 1pm Beyond Faith Boundaries: Respect for Life, the Basis of a Cohesive Community.  Seminar organised by the Jain Network, entrance by invitation – contact Dr Natubhai Shah 020 8200 0828.

11am – 3pm Inter Faith Cancer Awareness Seminar at the Zoroastrian Centre, 440 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow, HA2 9TL.  This Inter Faith Week event promotes awareness about breast, bowel and prostate cancer, and highlights the importance of the free cancer screening facilities provided by the NHS. There will be an opportunity to have questions answered by expert specialists within the field. In addition, there will be an opportunity to have your blood pressure and sugar levels checked. The speakers will include discussions on how specific faith practices impact health issues.The presentations will be followed by lunch and raffles.  Registration required – 020 8866 0765

1  – 4.30pm Faith and Phobia in Modern Britain The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board.  Keynote speaker will be Fuad Nahdi with responses from Revd Canon Guy Wilkinson (Lambeth Palace), Mr Sanjay Jagatia (General Council of Hindu Temples), Rabbi David Hulbert (Three Faiths Forum), Dr Indarjit Singh (Network of Sikh Organisations, UK). Entrance by invitation – contact Sidika 020 7725 2213.

2 – 5pm Meaningful Multifaith Engagement: Importance of Pluralism The seminar, organised by the Jain Network, will focus on the Jain Value of Anakaantvaada (pluralism) and its importance in contributing to good community relations. There will be presentations from various faiths and group discussions on practicalities of pluralism in the local community. Entrance by invitation – contact Dr Natubhai Shah 020 8200 0828

7pm Interfaith Lunar Ritual at Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, London NW1 8LY.  Pagan Federation and Camden Faith Communities Partnership.   The moon has had sacred symbolism for people of diverse faiths for millennia. The Pagan Federation and Camden Faith Communities Partnership present a national event to mark Inter Faith Week, with a multi-faith ritual for the full moon which is open to all, believed possibly to be the first such an occasion.  More info from Mike Stygal 07810 647 130

2.30 – 6.00pm Open Day organised by the Camden Central Mosque and Communities’ Centre at Muslim World League, 46 Goodge Street, London W1T 4LU, including “Healing Words”, Inspirational Storytelling Scriptures in Dialogue and an “Ask Me” Panel with Imam, Priest and Rabbi. Contact Shiplu Miah on 07863 349007.


9.30am – 1pm Women’s Inter Faith Event organised by Camden Council on the theme of “Women Building Communities” at Committee Rooms 1 and 2, London Borough of Camden, Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE, concluding with lunch. Contact Manisha Bhikha 020 7974 1475.

4 – 6pm Faith Through a Lens – Photography Competition Awards Ceremony with Congregational & General Insurance.  A national photo competition encouraging people across the country to submit photos that reflect faith in their community has now closed. Further details can be found at Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony. Awards include photographic equipment for nominated community groups and exhibition of the photographic work.  Entrance by invitation – contact Emma Street 01132 431 117.

6 – 11pm Interfaith Arts Festival: Urban Dialogues, with Three Faiths Forum, JCC for London, Art + Christianity Enquiry, Radical Middle Way at Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ. Experience thought provoking works of art, enjoy music mixing a variety of influences and engage in conversations with people from different backgrounds.  Info from Stephen Shashoua 020 7482 9549.

7 – 9pm Women, Faith and Feminism with The Interfaith Alliance UK at Montagu Centre, 21 Maple Street, London W1T 4BE.  An evening on Women, Faith and Feminism to mark Inter Faith Week 2010, with speakers Professor Tina Beattie of Roehampton University, Humera Khan of the An-Nisa Society, and Rabbi Janet Burden of West Central and Ealing Liberal Synagogues, followed by questions and discussion. In the context of IAUK’s aims to promote progressive, liberal perspectives in interfaith dialogue on a range of issues around gender, sexuality, human rights and reproductive health, from within the different faith perspectives, in order to show both convergence and variety of views, the Christian, Muslim and Jewish speakers, prominent in the fields of interfaith dialogue and women’s rights, will address the progress that has been made by women in religion, and the challenges still faced.  Registration required – contact Alex Wakely 020 7631 9830

7pm Bnai Avraham, Banu Ibrahim, Children of Abraham with Children of Abraham and Al-Azhar Institute for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions.  A parliamentary gathering of senior faith and political leaders to mark the release by scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif of the Declaration “Banu Ibrahim” (Children of Abraham) on positive interfaith dialogue and cooperation with Jewish and Christian scholars.  Entrance by invitation – contact Rabbi Reuben Livingstone 020 7433 0838.


8.30 – 10am Breakfast in Multifaith Europe with London Boroughs Faiths Network at 24 Greencoat Place, SW1P 1RD.A chance to explore opportunities for intercultural learning across Europe between local multifaith groups and practitioners: come & share your local experiences and expertise.   

LBFN has been looking at the possibility of strengthening links with similar groups in other European cities for about a year now – this breakfast will pool our knowledge and sift ideas.

We have limited space, so you’ll need to pre-register.  Leave a comment below or contact

6.30pm Facilitated discussion between community faith leaders around inclusion of all faith communities in the reconstituted Camden Faith Communities Partnership – how to overcome obstacles to full inclusion.  At the Council Chamber, London Borough of Camden, Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE.  Contact Mike Stygal on 07810 647 130.

7-9pm How do, How can faith communities support asylum seekers, migrants and others in need? with Redbridge Faith Forum and Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London at Gloucester Room, Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford IG1 1EA.


10am – 10pm Interfaith Arts Festival: Women ARTogether Festival with Three Faiths Forum, JCC for London, Art + Christianity Enquiry, Radical Middle Way at Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ.  A day dedicated to women, art and dialogue between cultures. A space for all women from all backgrounds to come together to discuss and share their cultures with their vision of a harmonious society – and how to make that vision a reality as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.  Women only.  Info from Stephen Shashoua 020 7482 9549

5pm Muslim Council of Britain Inter Faith Event.  Professor Tariq Ramadan on the “Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Role in Interfaith Relations”.  There will also be contributions from other major faith community leaders.  Another major feature of the event will be short presentations to highlight the interfaith work of some of the MCB’s affiliates across the country.  Entrance by invitation – contact 0845 26 26 786.  More info from Dr. Asad Khan

6 – 8pm “Can Faith Communities Deliver Truly Public Services” at Rooms 1 and 2, London Borough of Camden, Town Hall Extension, Argyle Street, London WC1H 8EQ.  Organised by Camden Council with a speaker from Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum. Contact Charles Braddick-Southgate on 020 7074 8852.

6.15 – 8.30pm ‘Faith in the Global Village – connecting the Local and International in Inter Faith Relationships’ with keynote speaker the Reverend Canon Guy Wilkinson, National Inter Religious Affairs Adviser & Secretary for Inter Religious Affairs to the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Lecture and debate organised by Islington Faiths Forum at London Metropolitan University, Room SHG-01, Stapleton House, 277 – 281 Holloway Road, London N7 8HN (opposite the Tower Building).  Entrance by registration – contact

6.30pm Lecture by Oliver McTernan: “Has Faith a Role to Play in Shaping Public and International Policy?” with Religions for Peace (UK).  Oliver  McTernan has an established background in conflict resolution and interfaith relationships. He was a Visiting Fellow of the Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs at Harvard University 2000 – 2003. He is a Senior Associate Fellow of the UK Defence Academy and Director of Forward Thinking. He was responsible for initiating the first post-conflict talks between NATO and the former Yugoslav government. His latest book Violence in God’s Name explores the role of religion in an age of conflict. He broadcasts regularly on the BBC.  Entrance by invitation – contact

6.45pm Faith in the Workplace: A Conversation for Young Professionals with The Board of Deputies of British Jews at Berwin Leighton Paisner, Adelaide House, London Bridge, London, EC4R 9HA.  The event begins with an inter faith-friendly buffet, followed by a conversation featuring Alpesh Patel, one of the UK’s best known financial commentators and authors; Laura Marks, founder of Mitzvah Day UK; Sukhvinder Singh, the Head of Workplace Integration and Police Lead for Religion or Belief for the EHRC; Dr Wendi Momen, a founding member and chair of the European Baha’i Business Forum.  Entrance by invitation – contact 020-7543 5400.

7pm Sea of Stories II at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG.  A re-union of St. Ethelburga’s favourite story tellers from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Baha’i traditions.  Tickets £7 (£5 concessions) from 020-7496 1610.

7pm Inter Faith Week Event with Barnet Multifaith Forum at Barnet Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4.  The event is free and all are welcome.

7.30pm Vibrant Scepticism: Thoughts of a Retiring Teacher with The London Society of Jews and Christians at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, 28 St John’s Wood Road, NW8 7HA. Some memories and reflections on a teaching career of thirty-five years, in an increasingly mixed and pluralist environment, including some thoughts on religious teaching and learning, from Dr Jonathan Katz. Dr Katz is a linguist and musician currently teaching at St Anne’s College, Oxford and previously Director of the Indian Institute Library, Oxford, a Research Fellow of Wolfson College, and from 1987 Master of the Queen’s Scholars and Head of Classics at Westminster School, London.  This is the Lily Montagu Memorial lecture.  More info from Alex Wakely 020-7631 9830.


12 – 4.30pm Eco-Faith Festival with Interact at Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ.  There will be discussions on the environment and the commitment of faith communities to care for the environment. There will be interactive workshops for people to participate in, and ways to become more environmentally active, through meeting environmental groups to volunteer with and become aware of eco-businesses out there that are offering alternative products.  Reserve a ticket – contact or reserve online at

6 – 10pm Campus FaithHub launch event with The Coexistence Trust at Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ.  Launch event for C.T.’s Campus FaithHub tour aimed at harnessing the power of social action to build positive inter communal relations between Muslim and Jewish students in the UK. An evening of entertainment, music and spoken word aiming to inspire collaborative social action among Muslim and Jewish students as part of a critical process of facilitating dialogue and building networks of trust. All welcome, but event designed for Jewish and Muslim students.  Contact Shira Conradi 020 7426 0500.


6.30 – 11pm Interfaith Arts Festival: Celebration with Three Faiths Forum, JCC for London, Art + Christianity Enquiry, and Radical Middle Way at Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ.  Closing Celebration Evening of the Interfaith Arts Festival.  A celebration event, run with a variety of faith and interfaith partners.  Expect social action, art and interaction.  Info from Stephen Shashoua 020 7482 9549.

7pm Interfaith Lecture with Havering Interfaith Forum at the Romford Islamic Cultural Centre, 91 Waterloo Road, Romford RM7 0AA, near the Brewery Shopping Centre.


9.30am – 4.30pm Building Bridges Training for Women Part II [women only] (Part I is on 20th November) at Hindu Forum of Britain, Vascroft Estate, 861 Coronation Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7PT.  More info and registration from Ms Bharti Tailor

10.55am – around 4pm Streatham Faith Trail with Faiths Together in Lambeth. Alan Gadd writes, “Do join us in walking the Streatham Faith Trail. We are invited to attend the Saturday morning service at the South London Liberal Synagogue, which begins at 11am, so it will be good to arrive there by 10.55am. Leaving the Synagogue at around 12.30pm, we will follow the Faith Trail to St Leonard’s Church, South London Islamic Centre (Streatham Mosque), Lewin Road Baptist Church, the Hyderi Islamic Centre and finally the Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Temple at 4pm. Please bring a packed vegetarian lunch. Enquiries and registrations to or 07889 221 847.”

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