Faith in London – a film by Tariq Chow

A short but unhurried film set in London from the award-winning Tariq Chow.  He has kindly allowed us to include it here on the LBFN blog.

Many of us will recognise people and places in the film  :)

Thanks to Nazneen Ahmed (left) for alerting her twitter friends – and to the Three Faiths Forum for enthusiasm.

Anyone interested in putting together an evening of film shorts for a London audience this year?  Including beauty, controversy, stories, hope?

Faith in London from Tariq Chow on Vimeo.

Inter-Faith pilgrimage in Waltham Forest

LBFN’s first convener, Steven Saxby, writes

Dear all

The photo-film of our recent Inter-Faith Pilgrimage in Waltham Forest is simply beautiful!  Enjoy.

Peace, Steven.

And it is!

Click here (or on the picture) and you’ll be taken to the photofilm.