waterIf you have suggestions for items of interest to LBFN, please send them in.

Newsletters and bulletins

  1. Religion or Belief Bulletin from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission: subscribe by emailing David Perfect.
  2. Theos: latest blog and newsletter on religion and society.
  3. Westminster Interfaith Newsletter April 2017.
  4. Inter Faith Network for the UK  March-April 2017. Subscribe here.
  5. Faith-based Regeneration Network Bulletin October 2014.

Academic research

pccsrlogoReligion, Security and Global Uncertainties – report on Open University research on the relationship between religion and security, including terrorism and so-called ‘religious violence’.  The research was undertaken by Prof John Wolffe & Gavin Moorhead of the Department of Religious Studies.

Download the Executive Summary and Recommendations here and the Full Report here.

Calls for evidence

EHRC logoHas your religion or belief, or that of other people, affected your experiences in the workplace or the services you receive as part of your daily life?  If so, the Equality and Human Rights Commission wants to hear from you.  More information here.  Deadline for submissions 31 December 2014.

Woolf logoCommission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life.  Submissions are welcome on topics including social action, dialogue and engagement and the media.

The research is being carried out by the Woolf Institute in Cambridge.  More information here.  Download the document here. Deadline for submissions is 14 October 2014.

Inter-religious and inter-convictional resources

  1. Resources on dialogue from Prof Paul Weller, University of Derby, who is involved in the European Belieforama network, the Religion and Society research programme and the Dialogue Society here in London. Dialogue Theories, Journal of Dialogue Studies, The Muslim World and Politics in Transition.
  2. Several local churches and multifaith groups in London have benefited from Dr Chris Hewer’s Understanding Islam courses, which are often co-hosted by a local church and local mosque.  Much of the material is now on Chris’s website, some in video format.

Statistics on London

London’s Poverty Profile: an independent source of information about poverty and inequality in the capital, which has a useful borough by borough section.  The Profile is compiled by the charity Trust for London and uses the latest official data to reveal patterns of poverty across the capital.

Government policy and guidance

Brief Guide on Engaging the Faith Communities in civil protection  A guide for faith communities and local resilience forum partners who are involved in civil protection work.

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