South London Inter Faith Group  Phil Cotgreave de Rahman

North London Interfaith  Revd Laurence Hillel

Faiths Forum for London  Mustafa Field

Greater London Presence & Engagement Network  London PEN blog  Susanne Mitchell

Faiths and Civil Society Unit  Goldsmiths, London   Adam Dinham

Westminster Interfaith  Jon Dal Din

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace  Justine Huxley

London Churches Social Action  Revd Steven Saxby

London Jewish Forum  Joe Vinson

Three Faiths Forum  Phil Champain

Citizens UK  (three groups in London)  Neil Jameson


Greater London Authority   David Wood

London Councils  Committed to getting the best deal for London’s 33 local authorities

Metropolitan Police Find your local contacts for borough policing and neighbourhood policing

British Transport Police  policing the Underground, overground trains and railway stations

NHS England  Find NHS organisations in your borough here

London Fire Brigade  Find your borough’s Fire Safety Centre here

London Resilience coordinates responses to major emergencies: flood, pandemic, attack, power outage

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