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Census 2011

(SkateTier – creative commons licence)

The maps below show the population density of London according to stated religion & belief in the last census – the darker the colour, the higher the proportion.

The shading is designed to show the differences in density of each category, so check the legends to see the percentages the shading represents.

Christian London

Christian  48.4%

No religion

No religion  20.7%


Muslim  12.4%


Hindu  5%


Jewish  1.8%


Sikh  1.5%


Buddhist  1%

Categories other than the above

Categories other than the above   0.6%

The 2011 Census asked people’s religion or belief.  It was not a compulsory question and not all Londoners answered it.

Christianity 48.4%
No religion 20.7%
Islam 12.4%
Question unanswered 8.6%
Hinduism 5.0%
Judaism 1.8%
Sikhism 1.5%
Buddhism 1.0%
Other religions 0.6%

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