BBC calendar, new London maps & infographics


The Hindu festival of Holi – 6 March

The BBC’s handy religious calendar is back!  Find it here as part of the new Religion & Ethics section.

I’ll bring a copy of James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti’s new book London: the information capital to our next LBFN meeting on 20 January.


How are we doing?  Life satisfaction, purpose, happiness & anxiety in each borough in London: the information capital by James Cheshire & Oliver Uberti.  Click to enlarge.

london mapsIt’s packed with maps & infographics.  Football tribes, river traffic, languages, police helicopters, relationship status, housing costs – and (see above) how fulfilled people are in the different boroughs (Waltham Forest, Kensington & Chelsea, Bromley and Barnet score well …)


Hinduism in London (Census 2011)

Check out the new additions to our maps page, too:

  • Religion & belief in London (from Census 2011)
  • A new Google map with contacts for faith forums in each borough


Building communities of trust

Our meeting this Thursday afternoon is packed with excellent peace-making opportunities for local religious groups and faith forums over the summer.

We’ll be putting all the information on the blog later so that we can all find the links and contacts we need.

In the meantime, here are a few clips and links to Olympic Truce-related programmes and events over the summer.

BBC Radio 4’s Beyond Belief had an excellent discussion on the ancient Olympic Games, including the Truce, and the contested values evident in the modern movement.  You can listen again on iPlayer.

On the opening night of the Games, Prom no 18 is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, with the West-East Divan Orchestra projecting an “inclusive vision of hope, reconciliation and hard-won triumph”.  The programme says, “What better to mark today’s opening of the London 2012 Olympics than Beethoven’s ultimate hymn to universal brotherhood?”  I would add sisterhood, of course.

The South Bank Centre is holding  a Festival of the World from 1st JuneHere is a clip of Jude Kelly, the Director, and others talking about the founder of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, and how the Festival will be about participation and about how the arts are used for social change around the world.

This Saturday, 19th May, the Riding Lights theatre company comes to Lambeth for one night only with its show Monsieur de Coubertin’s Magnificent Opymlic© Feat!

LBFN’s twinned projects in Pakistan, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and Ghana, and all the local activities we are involved in to reduce violence and to build trust in London this summer are in good company.

The Big Questions TV show in Peckham – invitation

The Big Questions - BBC1 Sunday 10-11am

Short notice, but –

Moral and ethical debate on live TV?  Like to take part?

LBFN members are invited to The Big Questions which is being broadcast from Peckham this coming Sunday morning – 9th January 10-11am.

Three topics are discussed on each programme, with a panel of three or four and others who have personal experience of the issues.

The Big Questions is the BBC’s flagship ethical and moral debate programme.

It is hosted by the experienced television and radio presenter Nicky Campbell, and airs live on Sunday mornings from locations all around the country.

The show addresses tricky moral questions facing the nation today, consulting panellists, front row experts and a select studio audience. Beliefs, informed opinions and personal stories are all aired during three lively debates.

As an audience member, you may even get the chance to contribute to the discussions yourself, although due to the number of people in the audience we can’t guarantee this.

If you’d like to be part of the audience, contact Gill Brown (or by telephone 0141-422 6237) asap for details and a ticket – she will need a contact telephone number from you.

Gill is happy for you to pass this invitation on to others in your communities who may be interested – the series moves around the country and they particularly like local audiences.

See you there!