Seek the welfare of the (multifaith) city

A two-day conference on 25-26 November will bring together some of the key thinkers and doers in urban Christian social action, including Luke Bretherton who runs the King’s College Faith & Public Policy Forum which LBFN members often attend, Francis Davis who has an interesting piece on the Big Society in this month’s Standpoint magazine and London Citizens.  The conference includes a panel session on Christian social & political engagement in multi-faith contexts and the second day will focus on social and political involvement.

The organisers include Greater London Presence and Engagement Network, which trains and equips Christians for ministry and mission in London’s multi-faith society – thanks to Susanne Mitchell of PEN for letting us know about the event.  £25 for one day, £45 for two. We must think how to negotiate reductions for LBFN members – whose contributions are, of course, priceless.

Religious (in)tolerance in Europe

Minarets, wearing of crosses, niqabs – how are things changing in relation to religious expression here in London and across Europe?

The Faith & Public Policy Forum seminars are always good value.

Tuesday 16th November 5.30 – 7pm

Lorenzo Zucca, Lecturer in Law, King’s College London

The Betrayal of Tolerance in Europe: An exploration of EU policy & law in relation to religion

The Old Committee Room (3c), Strand Campus, King’s College London (just along from the chapel)

Full listing of Faith & Public Policy Forum events.