Hackney funday, make a animated film, inter faith walks, Ramadan soup kitchens, War & Peace Festival

Lots of new items on our London Peace Network site – young people creating their own Olympic Truce animation, War & Peace Festival12 inter faiths walks next weekend, volunteering during Ramadan to provide food to people who don’t have a home, and a funday in Hackney.

Full details at www.londonpeacenetwork.wordpress.com.

Art from Samir Malik and much more . .

Coming soon . . Waterloo Festival 12 – 17 July.

Community fête, symposium “Is peace possible in a world of diminishing resources“, Orlando Gough’s Waterloo Canticle (poetry from Beirut alongside words from the Song of Solomon sung in Hebrew and Arabic), drop-in art workshops, Paradise Street theatre and a whole lot more.

Catch up with all the London Peace Network events this summer at www.londonpeacenetwork.wordpress.com.